Our Social Purpose is to create positive impacts on connection, sense of belonging, cultural awareness, and wellbeing for individuals and communities to address issues such as social isolation, loneliness and disconnection.

We bring instructors with the best energy and authentic cultural flavours who genuinely care about participants.

How we help:

Using the power of art and culture to promote wellbeing and connection.

Who we impact:

Seniors and aged care, people with diverse abilities and special needs, children, youths and migrants.

  • Improving wellbeing: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.
  • Providing inclusive community environment.
  • Enhancing cultural awareness and sense of belonging.
  • Strengthening interaction, participation and engagement.
  • Learning new artistic and social skills.
Mosaik believes that

“Every individual deserves to live a healthier and more harmonious life which can be achieved starting with good physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.”

Our Social Pillars
Mosaik embraces wellbeing as one of its key pillars because it creates a foundation for someone to feel a sense of belonging, inclusion, and enjoyment of life in harmonious way.
Mosaik believes that developing a sense of purpose and connection is key to achieving good wellbeing and generating a lasting sense of this in every aspect of life.
Culture & Diversity
Recognising and supporting culture and diversity is a pillar for our sustainable development strategy and social impact. Mosaik focuses on developing belongingness, inclusion, awareness, and empathy in the community.
Social Outcomes

Support wellbeing to improve quality of life.

Embrace Cultural Awareness and Identity.

Alleviate loneliness and community disconnection through cultural and artistic activities.

Create work opportunities for migrant professionals and artists.

Mosaik By The Numbers
Immersive Cultural Experiences
Immersive Cultural Experiences
Job opportunities to migrants
Job opportunities to migrants
Partners & Collaborators
Mosaik's Stakeholders

“Every individual deserves to live a healthier and more harmonious life which can be achieved starting with a good physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health”.

“Our mission and vision closely align with three “United Nations Sustainable Development Goals”


SDG3: Good Health and Wellbeing
SDG8: Decent Work and Economy Growth
SDG17: Partnership for the goals.