Since 2017 Mosaik has taken its cultural and creative workshops to different schools around Victoria, impacting positively on students by exposing them to new things, and building their cultural knowledge, competence, and awareness.

Mosaik believes its authentic cultural experiences can bring a positive social impact in the education environment, by inviting children, youths and communities to explore, engage and connect using creativity, the arts and culture.


Our workshops offer the opportunity for students to explore a wide variety of artistic and cultural activities such as a music, singing and dancing journey around the world, self-expression through their movements, drama elements, storytelling, arts and crafts, knowing different cultures by cooking and language in an energetic, exciting and encouraging environment.

The duration of our workshops is approximately 45 – 50 minutes for a group of between 20 and 35 students, parents or educational members; with the support of one or two facilitators per group depending on the number of participants.

Wellbeing & Creative Programs
"Mosaik Cultivating Minds Program"

Mosaik educational programs are based on the science of positive psychological well-being, social and emotional research and highly experiential cultural and creative activities. Our programs provide an environment to create playful, participative, creative, inclusive learning journeys. Mosaik looks forward to creating a positive and sustainable change in student’s mental, emotional and physical health.


Mosaik can run single stand alone or regular programs including one or more of our workshops which invite participants to connect with themselves and others. The programs are based on a series of 45 to 50 minutes ongoing sessions which are developed on a weekly basis for a group of between 20 and 35 people with the support of one or two facilitators per group depending on the number of participants. Larger groups will have more than one facilitator. Our programs can be delivered face-to-face or virtually. We are happy to come to where you are located!

Our programs motivate participants to:
  • Improve self-awareness and social skills.
  • Increase motivation and adopt a positive and inclusive approach to the education environment.
  • Manage challenging behaviours and emotions.
  • Regulate moods and energy levels.
  • Increase social and communication skills.
  • Foster cultural awareness and cultural safety.
  • Be more engaged in the learning journey.
  • Flourish in an interactive, meaningful, creative, and inclusive environment.
Cultural Immersive & Special Days

Are you looking for different activities for your immersive days?

Mosaik can offer your students a full wellness day opportunity to encounter an “Authentic Cultural Experience” traveling around diverse cultural and creative activities giving them the chance to connect with their body’s movements, senses, emotions, feelings and positively interact with others.

We can also prepare students to perform at special events and community activities, for example, choir, choreographies, visual exhibitions, and theatre performances, amongst others.


where drummers, dancers and carnival characters will parade around the campus showcasing traditional music and dance and inviting everybody to participate.

These are our amazing interactive entertainment sessions:

  • Energisers (15 minutes up to 30 minutes)
  • Flash Mob (30 minutes up to 40 minutes)
  • Cultural Engagement (45 minutes up to 60 minutes)
  • Hora Loca – Crazy Hour (one hour)

We look forward to working with you to create a positive and sustainable change in student’s mental, emotional and physical health!


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