our experiences

…are unique and very interactive. Developed in conjunction with you, they can be delivered in the form of Workshops, Wellbeing Programs or Interactive Entertainment. We can deliver our experiences in person at your location and remotely or both at the same time, depending on your needs. We focus on activities that encourage participants to connect with themselves and others all while having lots of fun and creating precious memories! We are proud and honoured to bring our vision to life for you and your group wherever you are.

our cultural elements
We offer unique, authentic, memorable and participative cultural experiences that involve cultural elements such as music, dance, arts & craft, food and language.
Mosaik invites participants to experience positive emotions, engagement, connection with themselves and others, appreciation, healthy habits, and to develop new artistic and social skills and have lots of fun!
We use the power of the arts and culture to bring people together to create an environment of engagement and involvement. We offer cultural and creativity-based workshops using dance, music, language, arts & crafts, mindfulness-based art therapy and craft, theatre, poetry, storytelling, laughing and cooking activities. They are ideal for Seniors, the Aged Care and Disability sector, In School Wellbeing Programs and Cultural Activities., Team Building, Organisations and Corporate Events, and Community activities.
Our programs are based on the science of positive psychological wellbeing, social and emotional research and are highly experiential cultural and creative activities. We can run regular sessions including one or more of our workshops which encourage participants to connect with themselves and others. They are perfect for your lifestyle, wellbeing, educational, diversity or cultural programs.
Interactive Entertainment
Whether it’s a 15minute flashmob and energizer or a 60 minute “crazy hour” and “cultural engagement”, our interactive entertainment is perfect to spice up celebrations and events. It’s an ideal way to celebrate private functions, festivals, conferences, awards, galas, fundraising and other events.
Benefits of Mosaik Experiences
  • Improving self and community connection.
  • Promoting positive physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.
  • Embracing “Diversity & Inclusion”.
  • Supporting Cultural Awareness and Identity.
  • Reinforcing learning to interact in relation to others with Care, Empathy and Respect.
  • Fostering meaning, belonging, being and becoming.
Why are we different?

What makes Mosaik Experiences unique is our holistic approach to well-being based on the implementation and combination of cultural and artistic elements to deliver multisensory experiences that allow individuals to connect with themselves and others.

Our facilitators and entertainers are:

  • Respectful
  • Caring
  • Empathic
  • Joyful
  • Compassionate

What People Say?