As a result of a strong connection with cultural roots and a profound desire to be a social change maker Mosaik was born. Kary and Cata, two Colombian women passionate about community, social development, arts and culture, had the opportunity to share their dreams, passions and experiences. They joined forces to give life to Mosaik Experiences and then the magic happened. They were convinced that the meaning of a mosaic “a picture or decoration made of small, usually coloured pieces of inlaid stone, or various pieces of music” could be changed to a real picture where the pieces were people and the colours were cultural elements.

Mosaik is the result of their deepest love towards people, culture and its elements such as language, music, dance, food and arts and crafts. They have created something very special that can be ‘shared by many’ from all walks of life and abilities, bringing people and cultures together in an ‘Experience and Celebration’ of life, diversity and inclusion.


To create inclusive and authentic cultural experiences that use the power of the arts and culture to inspire self-connection, a sense of community and belonging.


A healthier, more empathic, inclusive and connected society.

our core values


We exist to address social isolation, loneliness and disconnection. At Mosaik we understand that music, dance, arts and crafts, food and language are good for the mind, body and soul. As passionate educators, facilitators and artists of our Cultural Experiences, we want to share our knowledge, experience and passion with groups or communities that are facing challenges in relation to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health issues. We love, we care, we share and together we experience all that is Mosaik, “Authentic Cultural Experiences” to bring wellbeing, health, harmony and connection.

Our Team

We are a team of facilitators, artists and professional entertainers. We are very passionate about the arts, culture, community, and diversity. We educate, entertain and create wonderful authentic experiences – bringing communities and groups together regardless of age, background or ability. We believe in making a difference in our very own unique way!

Karina R Ojeda R

[Co-founder & CEO (Chief Empathy Officer)]