Since Mosaik was born we have been delivering a variety of cultural experiences such as roving carnival, flash mob, crazy hours and cultural engagement around diverse scenarios such as Moral Fairground Ethical Conference, Unbound Conference, Moreland Energy Foundation Conference, Start Up Victoria Diversity & Inclusion Pitch Competition, Opening Night Global Entrepreneurship Week SPARK Deakin, MFG Ethical Awards Celebrations amongst others.

We invite audiences to get the real flavour of a culture and in doing so we give them authentic moments of joy, spontaneity and connection.

Our team of facilitators, artists and professional entertainers have a personal conviction that by using our creativity, talent and experiences we can create remarkable social change.


Our sessions benefit your group or team because they:

  • Improve mental, emotional, and physical well-being.
  • Support diversity, inclusive mindset, and intercultural competence.
  • Foster a healthy, enthusiastic, and positive environment.
  • Bring a more positive emotional state that leads to greater motivation, performance achievement, and productivity.
  • Promote creativity, problem-solving, and a growth mindset.
  • Encourage receptiveness, resilience, grit, and connectedness.
  • Contribute to the development and sustain a sense of confidence, positive attitude, and trust.
Our Interactive Entertainment

Our interactive entertainment generates opportunities for enjoyment, a welcoming and friendly environment and, at the same time, creates a connection among participants. Mosaik offers your organisation a variety of “Diversity & Inclusion” activities such as:


From 15 minutes to 30 minutes Interactive – and super fun – energisers and flash mob where our entertainers will warm up the crowd and keep them moving to the most authentic Afro-Latin and other diverse cultural rhythms. Perfect for conferences and team building.


From 45 minutes to 60 minutes; a one-of-a-kind spontaneous experience that breaks out and invades the workplace, conference or similar, taking your employees, conference or event participants into a spectacular cultural experience with live music, entertainment, costumes and carnival accessories. Traditional Afro-Latin drum band and crowd entertainers will get everyone dancing to the most authentic rhythms of Latin-American “Carnival Style”. This is an activity for everyone, no matter age, gender or background. Ideal for special events or celebrations.


Mosaik provides a supportive, safe and creative environment to strengthen bonds between colleagues or members of a group. We offer innovative, creative and fun activities which help to improve wellbeing and efficient achievement of goals. Our team-building activities and programs can be delivered in person or virtually.

Wellbeing Program

"Mosaik Thriving Connection Program"

Our programs help to protect mental and emotional health by using highly experiential cultural and creative activities where participants can immerse themselves in a new world of creativity, positive emotions, engagement, diversity, and culture. They are based on the science of positive psychological well-being, social and emotional research.

Special Celebrations

Mosaik brings an interactive carnival experience where drummers, dancers and carnival characters parade, showcasing traditional music and dance and encouraging attendees to participate. Our crowd entertainers will get everyone dancing to the most authentic rhythms. It is a very memorable and inclusive experience!

Mosaik offers your organisation or community a fun, cultural experience for your events or special celebrations such as: Award Dinner, Conferences, Special Events, Harmony Day, Christmas Party, and Christmas in July.

For other type of celebration please contact us. Mosaik is happy to come to where you are located!


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